Nowadays, couples left and right are breaking outside of "traditional" wedding norms and instead are making their wedding day completely unique to them. This is something I have been LOVING lately in the wedding industry and frankly, I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Something that I see happening more and more is the idea of having an unplugged wedding ceremony. They basically are all the rage nowadays and I am here for it. Honestly, I think more couples should incorporate having an unplugged wedding ceremony on their wedding day more often. However, before making this hasty decision, it's important for you to know what is an unplugged ceremony. You want to make sure that this decision is what is best for you, your partner, and your guests and if it fits the kind of wedding that you're looking to have.

Below are my reasons to have an unplugged ceremony at your wedding coming from your trusty Long Island Wedding Photographer.

What is an Unplugged Ceremony?

An unplugged ceremony is a wedding ceremony where wedding guests are asked to put away all electronic devices. This includes cell phones, iPads, cameras, etc. This is done with the sole purpose of having your wedding guests be more in the moment on your wedding day. So often, guests are so distracted by their phones and capturing the moment rather than living in the moment. It can distract you from your big moment but distract them from being fully present on your wedding day. Which honestly, nobody wants. An unplugged ceremony gives you and your guests the peace of mind of having everyone have all eyes on you and being present and in the moment.

Benefits of Having an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

To some of you, this is a dream come true. You have been dreading the moment knowing that your guests may be distracted as they are scrolling on their phones and/or recording your ceremony. Leave your worry at the door and have an unplugged ceremony because trust me, it's worth it. Below are just some of the benefits of having an unplugged wedding ceremony.

Electronics Won't Get In The Way Of Your Photos

This is one of the biggest benefits of having an unplugged wedding ceremony. Have you ever looked at some wedding ceremony photos, just to see Grandma Jan holding up her insanely large smart phone taking pictures? No hate to Grandma Jan, because her intentions are to document the special day. However, when this ends up happening, especially with multiple guests, it can end up getting really distracting for your wedding photos. Not only for your photographer while they are photographing the ceremony, but you looking back at your wedding images. The last thing you want is to have half of your wedding party blocked in half of your photos because you have some guests holding up their phones/cameras.

An unplugged ceremony eliminates this completely. By asking your wedding guests to kindly put away all electronics and focus on the moment, it allows everyone to be in the moment and allows your photographer to do their job. Ensure your guests that while of course you would love them to capture all the moments, that is why you have a photographer (if you've hired one). It is your wedding guests' job to be in the moment and enjoy your special day.

Respect Your Privacy

For many of you, the thought of your wedding day/photos being broadcasted online may give you "the ick". Understandably so, if you are someone who chooses to have a more private and intimate wedding day. When you choose to have an unplugged wedding ceremony, you are allowing yourself, your partner, your family, and your guests the utmost privacy. Not everyone wants to have their big day broadcasted on social media for the world to see.

Ensure your wedding guests that if you are comfortable with sharing your wedding photos, you will do so on your own time. This is a boundary that you need to establish from the get-go but will save you a ton of worry and stress in the long run.

Allows The Focus To Be On You

Having an unplugged ceremony is guaranteed to allow all of the focus to be on you. Now, for those of you who don't like all of the attention on you, this may be a reason you may pump the breaks. However, if you've put all this time, energy, and money into celebrating your wedding day, you want people to be able to enjoy it. At the end of the day, it is your wedding day and you deserve to have all eyes on you for one special day.

Having an unplugged ceremony allows you to have all focus on you and your partner and the celebration of your love.

Best Ways To Tell Your Guests You're Having An Unplugged Ceremony

So if you've gotten to this point it's because you've completely decided that having an unplugged ceremony is right up your alley. Woohoo - congratulations! Now, how do you tell your guests this? There may be some guests who might not be happy with this whole "unplugged wedding ceremony" thing but at the end of the day, it is YOUR day. Who cares?

Here are just a few ways you can notify your wedding guests that you're having an unplugged ceremony.

  • Put It On Your Wedding Website - If you have a wedding website, putting a disclaimer on there is the perfect way to gently let your wedding guests know that you are planning on having an unplugged ceremony. Give them the lowdown about what an unplugged ceremony is and allow them to ask questions, but stand firm on your decision.
  • Put It On Your Wedding Invitations - If you don't have a wedding website, you can put that you are having an unplugged ceremony on your wedding invitations. Again, this is a subtle yet powerful way to let your guests know of this implementation on your wedding day and to respect your decision!
  • Use Signage On Your Wedding Day - This may be one of the most effective ways to inform your wedding guests of your decision to have an unplugged wedding ceremony. Before they enter the ceremony area, place signage that guests can read to notify them of this change.

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What Is An Unplugged Ceremony? | Reasons to Have An Unplugged Ceremony

So now that you know what an unplugged wedding ceremony is and the reasons to have an unplugged ceremony, have I convinced you yet? I absolutely love that couples nowadays are implementing new and old traditions into their wedding day and making it completely their own. At the end of the day, this is what it's all about!

If you are in need of a Long Island Wedding Photographer to capture your wedding day so that you can have a beautiful unplugged ceremony with no worry, then I'm your gal! Click here to fill out my inquiry form and let's chat wedding deets!