So you just got engaged - woohoo!!! Now you're in the process of planning your big day and you're mind is all scrambled. So many things to do, so little time, ya know?! First things first, you need to make sure that you have your wedding date and venue secured before you do anything else. Next, it's time to decide on your wedding vendors. Keep in mind that when ti comes time to search for your wedding vendors, you want to make sure that you are searching well in advance. A ton of wedding vendors book months (and years) in advance, so planning in advance is key here! One wedding vendor in particular that I recommend adding to the top of your vendor list is your wedding photographer. Now, I may be a bit biased but I am speaking the truth here! However, when it comes time to search for your wedding photographer there are so many options to choose from. The best way to narrow down your options and determine the best wedding photographer for your special day is to know the right questions to ask. These are just some of the questions to ask when looking for your wedding photographer!

What is your photography style?

Your photographer’s style plays a huge role in choosing a wedding photographer that’s perfect for your wedding day. Take a look at your potential wedding photographers’ social media and website and make sure their style matches your wedding vision. Do you like the angles they choose and how they capture the wedding day as a whole? Can you imagine your own wedding photos as you look at their work? Is there something that you see that you immediately know is a game-changer for you? These are some additional questions to ask yourself when trying to determine whether their creative style matches your vision.

What is your editing style?

Don’t be confused by the last question, as your photographer’s editing style is completely different from their photography style. The wedding photographer’s editing style is what your final images will look like. When you receive that final gallery, what type of images are you wanting to see. Think if you’re more for the light & airy ( hey that’s me! ) or warm and golden or moody and dark or maybe even vintage. There are TONS of different editing styles that wedding photographers use. Each being completely unique and catered to that photographer. Being able to determine which editing style and tones you’re looking for in your wedding photos will narrow down your options a ton.

How involved are you throughout the wedding planning process?

Finding a wedding photographer who fits your needs for wedding support is key. While there me some wedding photographers who are more hands-off than others, finding one that fits your comfort zone is ultimately the goal. Whenever I work with my couples, I am there for them every step of the way. Think of me as your wedding photographer/BFF/resource! Throughout my time working with my couples I’m sending questionnaires, check-ins, calls, and resources to make sure that you are fully taken care of. Wedding photography is an investment and not just with your images but with your entire experience. Finding someone who is within your comfort zone of support is key to finding your perfect wedding photographer.

What is the turnaround time for our photos?

Imagine this…. You just got married and you are just itching to relive the day. Come to find out that you are waiting 3 months for your wedding photos that you weren’t aware of. By the time you have your wedding, you should already know how long it will take to deliver all of your wedding photos. Asking your wedding photographer will make sure you are aware of the turnaround time. Keep in mind that your wedding photographer is editing away as fast as they can. It does take a ton of time to curate and edit all of your images but trust us when we say it’s worth it.

How Much Experience Do You Have Photographing Weddings?

Making sure you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer’s level of experience is important. While there is nothing wrong with being a beginner in the wedding photography world, making sure you feel okay hiring someone at a certain experience level is something you should look into. An experienced photographer may charge a bit more than a less experienced one. Solely based on the fact that one wedding photographer has more experience and expertise in the field than the other one. I’ve been doing wedding photography for 8 plus years and every year I fall more and more in love.

What is it like working with you on the wedding day?

Now you don’t just want a good experience before the wedding, but during it well… obvi. Making sure that your wedding photographer is invested in your wedding day is crucial. The care and nurture that goes into planning your wedding day is priceless and it should be cherished. How invested is your wedding photographer in your special day? While some may be more hands-off, me on the other hand I am ready to go whenever you need me. Need a wedding dress fluff? I got you. Need me to pin something down? Got that too. I told you, I am your wedding photographer BFF!

What happens if you get sick?

Ah now, this is the million-dollar question. I guess it’s time to collect! Many wedding photographers have their own backup plans if they end up getting sick. You want to make sure that your wedding photographer will have a backup plan in the off chance that they get sick and can’t photograph your wedding. For the most part, your wedding photographer will hire someone to go in their place. This is someone chosen by the wedding photographer who has experience. The photographer would go in place of the other, photograph the wedding and give the photos to the original wedding photographer. Then the wedding photographer would edit the images as normal. While this does happen in the wedding photography world, it happens so much that most wedding photographers have their backup plans set up and in place.

Do you have insurance?

Most wedding photographers should have some kind of insurance whenever your are working with couples on a wedding day. Insurance not only is amazing for equipment theft but it also provides liability protection just in case something were to happen involving you and a guest at the wedding. Your wedding should have insurance to ensure that not only they’re safe but everyone else is too!

These are just some of the many questions you should ask when it comes time to search for your wedding photographer. Choosing your wedding photographer, or any wedding vendor, should not be taken lightly. It is an investment into your big day and the most important thing is that you choose vendors who you trust! You want to make sure that whoever you work with makes you feel comfortable and heard as a future bride/groom.

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