When you first think of winter, what first comes to your mind? Do you think of the freezing cold temps? How about your teeth chattering as you're trying to make it to the closest heating vents? For all of us used to those chilling winter days and nights, we all know that feeling. Every year as winter comes around the corner, we gear ourselves for months of hibernation, snuggling up in some blankets and basically only coming out once Spring hits our calendars. HOWEVER, I encourage you to think of it another way. Winter does not have to be our enemy! In fact, it can be our best friend... if we know how to handle it properly. This especially goes for the wedding industry. For those of you who don't know, Spring and Fall are some of the busiest times to get married. Warm weather, the sun is shining and overall, it's basically the "better" season to get married. However, that leads to winter being dead and dry... or does it? There are so many benefits to having a winter wedding that I feel not enough of us to talk about. We are so consumed with the fact that it's so freakin' cold outside, that we lose sight of everything else that's beautiful. Well not anymore! If you're a couple in the midst of planning your wedding, here are just a few reasons why I believe winter weddings are elite and should be a lot more popular.

Your Wedding Date Has A Higher Chance Of Being Available

There are certain dates in the year that are in more demand than others. This can lead to a lot of couples feeling frustrated when they are looking for wedding venues for their specific date just to find out that they are already booked! Bummer, right? This can lead to couples feeling incredibly frustrated in their search in finding a wedding venue that is available for their desired date.

With a winter wedding however, you are much more likely to have your date available since winter is not the most sought after season for weddings. This means that if you choose a date that is less popular, your wedding venue is more likely to have that date opened which leads to one more thing being checked off your check box!

Holiday/Winter Decor Can Double As Wedding Decor (AKA Saving Money)

One thing we know about weddings for sure is that they can cost a pretty penny. Well worth it, but still! If you're someone looking to cut some of your wedding expenses in half, I would highly recommend looking into having a winter wedding.

You know all of those pretty and beautiful decorations that people put around the holidays? Well, there is a good chance that if you choose a wedding venue with these beautifully well-thought-out decorations, you could use them for your own wedding! Think twinkly lights, and tons of greenery from the garland... are you getting the picture? In turn, this can lead to a significant reduction in your wedding expenses since you wouldn't need to do as much wedding decor shopping. Something to take into consideration if you're working on a budget and are wanting to splurge more on other wedding expenses!

Rates Are Typically Lower In The Winter

One of the best things about having a winter wedding is that typically rates for some wedding expenses will be lower. For example, a lot of wedding venues will offer lower rates for their wedding packages due to the time of year and not many people booking weddings in the winter! If you're looking to stay within a certain budget for your wedding but are DYING to book at a certain wedding venue, I would recommend seeing if they offer discounted wedding packages for winter wedding dates!

Get Cozy On Your Wedding Day

One of the best things about having a winter wedding is the accessories and props that you can use are TO DIE FOR. Think of cozy blankets, shawls, and fuzzy socks as some of the many amazing things that you can incorporate to make a chilly day cozier. Some couples will even choose to have their food tailored to be more winter appropriate, like serving s'mores and hot cocoa during the cocktail hour and reception. The moral of the story is that if you like that warm and cozy feel of winter, who says it has to stop just because it's your wedding day?

You Can Have The "Winter Romance"

I don't know about you, but winter has a certain feel to it that just *screams* romance. Is that just me or??? You are surrounded by twinkling lights, some of your favorite movies come on the TV and I mean, they call it "cuffing season" for a reason, right?! Winter is the time of year for romance and what better way to celebrate the season of romance than to get married! With wintery snow and beautiful decor surrounding you, it will make you feel transported into a real-life Hallmark movie.

So, Should You Have A Winter Wedding?

So, you're probably reading this thinking, Danielle... girl you're crazy and you know what? Maybe I am! However, I want us all to stop believing that having a winter wedding is the worst possible thing that can happen to us because frankly, it is one of the best options for couples looking to save some coin! Yes, the cold is a major factor and if you're someone who lives in an *, especially* cold climate, this may be a defining factor for you. Although for some of you I may not have changed your mind, I hope that I have at least given you something to consider when deciding a wedding date.

Do you want to know the best part too? I'm not afraid of the cold weather which means I am always down to capture a beautiful love story. You can inquire here for us to chat more about dates and see if I'm available to capture your winter wedding day.

Associate photographed for PAV Photography