Intimate New York Outdoor Fall Wedding

It was a gorgeous day in October for Jaclyn and Jarett's intimate New York outdoor Fall wedding. Both Jaclyn and Jarett wanted their wedding day to be focused on spending time with their friends and family. In a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in Huntington, New York, they exchanged their vows and even had some special guests (*cough* their adorable pup). Although the wedding day itself was small and intimate, there was no shortage of partygoers at this wedding.

Intimate Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Jaclyn and Jarett had a gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony on this brisk Fall day. As soon as I arrived, I snuck them away to take a few portraits before the ceremony began. In a beautiful intimate outdoor wedding ceremony, friends and family gathered to celebrate Jaclyn and Jarett. Alongside the aisle, you could find floral couplings of white, red, and greenery. This same floral design was mimicked in the ceremonial arch that they stood by as they exchanged their vows. These florals perfectly emulated the stunning Fall tones that overwhelmed the surrounding trees. Jaclyn and Jarett stood in front of their closest confidants and it was such a breathtaking moment to witness.

Wedding Reception at The Founders Room

Jaclyn & Jarett had their wedding reception at The Paramount, an event space in Huntington, New York. While this space is widely known for its live music events, it is so versatile that it can be used for just about any event. This is including weddings! Jaclyn and Jarett's wedding reception was held in The Founder's Room at The Paramount. This space is exclusive for members only and gives you an intimate and private space to mingle with your wedding guests. Inside you will find eclectic decor emphasizing the speakeasy-esque vibes you get from this gorgeous space. The Founder's Room at The Paramount was deemed to be the perfect space for Jaclyn and Jarett's wedding reception to dance the night away, enjoy some delectable food and celebrate this next chapter in their lives.

Benefits Of An Intimate Wedding

When it comes to having an intimate wedding, there are many benefits to reap. Some of those benefits can include:

  • You can be more intentional - One of the many benefits of an intimate wedding is that you can be more intentional. Having a smaller guest count means that you can be more intentional with your decor, the venue you choose and overall being a bit more present with all of your wedding guests.

  • Can be cost-effective - When it comes to cost, having an intimate wedding can almost guarantee you a lower cost. As we know, weddings can get expensive and some of you may not be looking to spend an arm and a leg on your wedding day. You know what though? That's totally fine! Instead, having an intimate wedding allows you to reallocate your wedding budget money to things that bring you joy like a fun reception or a killer honeymoon.

  • Can be less stressful: As we know, with weddings comes a lot of planning. Whether or not you like to plan or have been looking forward to planning your wedding this is entirely up to you! However, if the thought of planning a large wedding stresses you out, then having an intimate wedding may just be your yellow brick road. This gives you the opportunity to not have to worry about so many different working components. With fewer guests, comes less worried about guest restrictions, guests' capacities at certain wedding venues, catering, rentals, etc. Ultimately, having an intimate wedding can allow you to better enjoy your day especially if wedding planning isn't really your thing.

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