I am a strong believer that your memories deserve much more than to be stored in your phone or computer. These are your memories that we’re talking about people! So many couples are always wondering how they can make the most of their wedding investment. I mean, you spent all this money getting your photos professionally taken by your wedding photographer. Why have them sit in a hard drive to be forgotten? That’s why I am a strong proponent in printing your wedding photos. Imagine walking down the hallway of your home just to be reminded of one of the happiest moments in your lives. While I could just tell you that you should print your wedding photos, here are 5 reasons to print your wedding photos that might just change your life.

They Are Your Legacy

Another reason why so many couples may choose to print their wedding photos is to preserve their legacy. I bet you can probably think of a time or two when you were younger, rummaging through your parents belongings only to stumble across their wedding album. Or maybe a VHS tape/CD of their wedding. Ringing any bells? These moments, even as we grow up are engrained in our brain. Just as they are engrained in your brain, even years later this is the type of impact that your own wedding photos can have. Whether it be to your own children or your nieces and nephews, these moments in time… your memories matter.

Printing Your Wedding Photos Tells A Story

One of the many reasons why I highly encourage my couples to print their wedding photos is because it tells a story. The story of you and your partner, how you met, fell in love and got married. As simple as that sounds, it can be incredibly important and impactful. Not saying that not printing your wedding photos leads you to forget your wedding day. However, you are able to be constantly reminded of one of the most impactful, important and beautiful moments of your life.

They Can Be Your Backup Plan

Let’s face it, technology can be unreliable at times. While we like to admit that technology is the way of the future, hard drives and computers crash all the time. If you choose to save your photos on your computer and something were to happen to them, what is your backup? Printing your wedding photos allows yourself to sleep easy at night knowing that your memories are being cherished in a well kept book or print hanging on your wall.

You Can Physically Touch Your Photos

One thing is true, there is nothing better than being able to physically see and touch your photos. It appeals to the senses and allows you to really feel the memories flowing through you. As I’m writing this, you may think this sounds like a whole bunch of hooplah. However, trust me when I say it’s not. You’re able to see the crispness of the image, the emotions flowing through the image and your hands. Printing your wedding photos allows your images to hold a different sentiment and weight.

They Make The Perfect Gifts

If I’m being honest, printing your wedding photos in a wedding album or prints make GREAT gifts. So many couples opt to gift their parents/guardians and family members an album from their wedding. This gives them the opportunity to relive your day and cherish those memories just as much as you do! This is especially good if you’re wanting to gift a wedding album or framed photo for the holidays!